Rev: 10-07-2017

Tecoled Ltd. makes every effort to ensure that the products we provide are of the highest quality.  The technologies of component manufacturing and assembly are applied according to the highest standards.

Devices are tested and retested, most models are checked immediately prior to client shipping. Although the company makes every effort to ensure that the products are fully operational, it is not possible to eliminate individual defective devices or damage caused by, for example, transportation. Therefore, we present the following general warranty terms.

General warranty terms:

1. Tecoled products are covered by the warranty period stated in the offer and apply to equipment purchased directly from an authorized Distributor or from Tecoled Ltd.

2. The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale and covers the full payment of the goods on the Distributor’s or Tecoleds account.

3. The warranty covers all physical defects of the product or the defects of the components or materials, except for items subject to natural wear such as light sources.

4. In order to make a complaint, you must report this fact with a description of the defect, the location of the installation, the condition of the area of installation (eg ambient temperature, ventilation around the lamp, time of daylight, etc.). Detailed description can allow for quick diagnosis of the cause.

5. Report any damage by email to and  also notify your place of purchase.

6. A copy of the invoice  must be included in the email as no proof of purchase will prevent you from fulfilling warranty terms.

7. A defective product should be delivered at the buyer’s expense to the place of purchase within 60 days.

8. The device should be in the original or replacement security package, guaranteeing safe transport to the service.

9. A defective  product will be tested within 14 days of delivery.

10. In the event of a malfunction resulting from hidden defects of the device, repaired or new equipment with the same or higher parameters will be sent at the expense of the Guarantor to the Buyer.

11. If we need to import the components needed to repair the equipment, the repair time may be longer. The buyer will be informed about the additional waiting period in writing, phone or e-mail.

12. The warranty period is extended by the time the device is in our workshop.

13. If there is no possibility of repair or exchange for another device with similar parameters, the amount of the device’s value will be returned to the indicated buyer’s account.

14. Damage caused by improper use or misuse is not covered by the warranty.

15. The warranty does not cover equipment that has post factory modifications or adjustments, self-repair, defects due to falling, pressure on luminous and luminescent components, mechanical deformation or dents, excessive water or heat, chemical or accidental damage.

16. Removal of seals, blurring or removal of factory serial numbers or removal of the Tecoled company logo causes the warranty to be void.

17. The warranty does not cover damage to equipment due to improper supply voltage, overvoltages in the mains, connection to brightness controllers if the device is not designed for this purpose, too high an ambient temperature, lack of required ventilation or lamp installation in a luminaire not provided for LED lamps.

19. If during testing it is discovered that the product has defects resulting from improper use, modifications or adjustments the product will be returned to Buyer at the the Buyers expense. In addition, the buyer will bear the cost of diagnostics on the device.

20. If  during testing no damage or defects are found in the device and it opperates in our workshop as it should, the Buyer will bear the costs of transport and diagnostics.

21. The guarantor is not liable for any losses resulting from damage to the equipment, malfunctioning equipment (such as regulators), suspension or limitation of production processes. The buyer is not entitled to claim for lost profits due to defects, damage or maintenance of the equipment on the site.

22. The physical, technological and chemical characteristics of the lighting elements used may cause the gradual decrease of the light beam, slight color change, these changes can not be considered defects of the device as they are natural wear and tear during operation.

23. Drivers, power supplies and other LED devices can emit a slight sound. This is natural and can not be considered as a defect subject to replacement or warranty repair.