If you want to slash your lighting energy by up to 70%, trust our experience.

Below explains how we do not just sell you whatever it is we happen to have on the shelf, but we build you the correct, most energy efficient light fitting applicable to your particular situation and requirements.

Step 1 - Needs analysis

Tecoled will analyse the needs of your company for LED Lighting, we will assess the quality of your current lighting, the power consumption and we will get to know the functions this lighting is supposed to fulfil. We will also check to see if there are any regulations to be met such as no glass being allowed in food production areas. This information will serve in preparing the detailed report and designing the optimum LED Lighting for your businesses particular situation.

Step 2 - Lighting design

Having gathered all the information above along with required lux levels and location dimensions, we will produce a dialux survey showing how many of what type of fitting you need to install to achieve all your requirements.

Step 3 - FREE fitting trial

We can explain at length how good our light fittings are and what sets us apart from our competitors but at the end of the day the best way to make a decision is to see them in action. We are willing to offer any fittings as a sale or return trial FREE of charge. We can guarantee you that once you see how they perform, you will not need to look any further for your lighting requirements.

Everything we produce here ourselves comes with a up to 5 year warranty. There is also the option to extend this warranty if you so wish.

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