Systems adjust the brightness of LED lighting - up to 30% additional savings.

Integrated and zone system to adjust the brightness of LED lighting Tecoled.

Wherever the highest possible energy savings are a priority, control systems allow additional energy savings of up to 30%. The final amount of the savings depends, however, on many factors such as eg. The time and working time lighting, daylight or configuration of the object.

There are 2 systems adjust lighting: Zonal brightness control lighting control using the buttons and is designed to separate areas or small objects eg. Sports halls.
- An integrated system for managing hundreds of lamps freely configured and designed to control the whole objects.

Integrated system of adjustable brightness Tecoled integrates luminaires enabling them to manage from a central computer, tablet or phone. Programmed system functions as a central or distributed control system depending on the configuration object. Lighting fixtures combined bus DALI, 1-10V or PWM. Grouped into sections allowing for their individual or group adjustment.

Each object requires an individual project, which will allow for the optimal configuration of the system to achieve the greatest savings.

The flexibility of the system:

- brightness control DALI
- brightness adjustment 1-10V
- PWM brightness control
- distributed measurement of illuminance
- distributed temperature measurement
- configurable digital inputs and outputs
- process visualization and data archiving regulations

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