Active LED Road Markings - durability and reliability.

Tecoled LED active road markings are designed for reliability in demanding road conditions.

Only the most modern technology and modern electronic components are used in the construction of the LED active road markings.These new technologies are used to replace the standard ‘cats eyes’ on roads and motorways.

Active spot reflective elements, are increasingly replacing standard labeling. Passive signs using reflective foils require a good quality of light shining directly at them in order to reflect that light back. In a sence the reflective ‘cats eyes’ are only as good as the angle of light that is shining on them.

Standard ‘cats eyes’ are not visable from long distances whereas the LED versions are, this results in them being much safer to use.

 In simple terms LED active point reflectors are a light emitting diode powered by a built-in  capacitors with large capacity. Capacitors used in our Tecoled road markings allow them to opporate for up to 10 years.

Built-in solar cells with adequate power allow you to charge the battery / capacitor during the day. At night, the stored energy is taken to power the LED. The colour of diodes used is consistent with the road safety Standards. The most commonly used colours are white, red, yellow, or a combinations thereof. Each colour of light is determined by the wavelength given in nm.

We have avilable diodes with different lighting angles which allows you to adjust them to the appropriate installations. The use of road markings with narrow lighting angles allow visibility even from a distance of 1000m. Such large visibality distances allows the driver to prepair to react to changes in direction  earlier and therefore result in safer driving.

Better visibility is particularly important in difficult road conditions such as rain, snow or fog. LED active road markings are particularly usefull for the indication of dangerous turns, bends, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, bike trails e.t.c.