Tecoled LED Lighting is created using the highest quality components and innovative solutions.

The technology used in Tecoled LED Lighting.


Tecoled products are based on world leading LED technology, such as Cree, Edison, Samsung, LG and Philips.

Using the highest quality diodes in properly designed luminaires and lamps, guarantee long-term maintenance of lighting parameters such as luminous flux [lm], color [K] factor color rendering [R] and the durability of the housing L70.

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We use only proven solutions to ensure the durability and reliability of the our Tecoled Light fittings.

For LED Lighting to have maximum effectiveness and efficiency, important parameters such as power efficiency, power factor and  durability are taken into consideration.
In our Lighting we use recognized brands as well as our own solutions.
Tecoled LED Lighting is characterized by a high power factor of up to 0.99 and power efficiency of up to 94%.

We insure that our lighting meets the EMC and LVD requirements. 


At  Tecoled we have the ability to produce LED  lamps from 2700-6500K.

Depending on the application, different Lights are required to be different colors.

For Production Halls or Warehouses the most common colour requirement is 5000-6500K.

Lighting in offices or shops look to achieve a daylight light colour of 4000-4500K.

For spot lighting for example in the Bread section of your local store you are looking at a more  warm colour 2700-3000K.

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Tecoled Lighting are fulfilling the requirements of the standards and regulations by useing LEDs which provide the required parameters of light as the colour rendering index.
The final component ratio for the LED fixtures are measured by photo-spectrometer.
Please see examples of measurements taken from our Sphere on our blog.

Tecoled LED Lighting provides excellent  PARAMETERS by using the highest quality diodes with aspect ratio of Ra => 80

The photo below was taken with a source of illumination coefficient of Ra 65 and Ra> 90. As you can see light at a very low coefficient of Ra gives unnatural color.


Tecoled LED Lighting housings are made of plastic or aluminum.
To protect the aluminum casing from environmental conditions they are subjected to anodized or painted.

Aluminum and metal components on selected models of lamps are painted with powder paints with relevant approvals for the food industry.


To ensure the highest quality and reliability of our products, the process of assembly for Tecoled LED Lighting is conducted in accordance with established, multi-level procedures. The initial stage includes the preparation and quality control of all materials.

Electronic components such diodes and power supplies are installed in a separate Clean Room. The LED assembly process is subjected to quality control testing from start of the process to final testing. Assembled LED lamps are then subjected to 24 hours of on/off testing.