We produce LED lighting, so that you save as much as possible.

From 2009 more and more companies from Poland and of Ireland he is using the LED Tecoled illumination, because it belongs to most efficient and reliable in the industry, and his price is competitive

It is possible thanks to the fact that Tecoled produces them based on select components and author's, innovative solutions.

Engineers constitute the hard core of the Tecoled company.
They are dealing with the LED technology since when was launched. In Tecoled they are working above the research and development, are designing, are testing and LED illuminations will supervise the production.

We are working with institutions which you know and which you trust.
New releases are being sent to independent accredited laboratories to the purpose of the verification and conducting electric and photometric independent researches. He is one of them for the letter zeds Katowice.

We are subjecting products to detailed tests.
The LED illumination designed and produced by us in Ireland and Poland is being subjected to detailed tests in similar conditions to of the ones, in which will be used in offices, companies, sports halls production units etc.

We support clients at every stage of investment in energy-efficient LED lighting.
From design solutions tailored to the needs, the production of prototypes and LED lighting until after its installation, warranty and post-warranty service.

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